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Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3)

A multiple award, IDIQ contract vehicle for complex satellite communications (SATCOM) solutions and professional satellite engineering services.

Inmarsat Government holds a Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) contract #GS00Q17NRD4014. CS3 is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle for complex satellite communications (SATCOM) solutions and professional satellite engineering services. CS3 consists of customized engineered solutions to meet customers’ unique SATCOM needs and may include any combination of fixed satellite services and/or mobile satellite services; components and ancillary equipment such as terminals, teleports, terrestrial tail circuits; Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards; and peripherals.

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GSA Schedule 70

Inmarsat Government holds a General Services Administration’s (GSA) Schedule 70 contract GS-35F-0016X.

The GSA Schedule 70 contract GS-35F-0016X is comprised of the following Special Item Numbers (SIN):

SIN 132-54 commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) transponded capacity

This includes owning/operating or reselling dedicated bandwidth and power on a communication satellite in any available COMSATCOM frequency band, including, but not limited to: L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, extended Ka-, Ku-band and UHF. COMSATCOM transponded capacity refers to satellite bandwidth and power only. Such services allow customer-proposed waveforms and industry-approved solutions to apply leased bandwidth to meet individual requirements as needed. COMSATCOM transponded capacity includes all services necessary to allow the customer to use the transponded capacity, including: limited engineering (e.g., development of link budgets, transmission plans); basic customer training (e.g., acquiring satellite signal, peak and polarization); core management and control of the transponded capacity; and required approvals (e.g., frequency clearances, landing rights).

Host Nation Agreements (HNAs) are priced separately when required. COMSATCOM transponded capacity requirements range from small fractions of a single transponder within a single coverage area to multiple transponders on multiple satellites with worldwide coverage for short durations measured in hours or days to long durations measured in years.

SIN 132-55 COMSATCOM subscription services

This include COMSATCOM subscription services consisting of pre-existing, pre-engineered fixed satellite service and/or mobile satellite service solutions, typically including shared or dedicated satellite resources, ancillary terrestrial components, and contractor-specified networks and equipment, in any available COMSATCOM frequency band, including, but not limited to: L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, extended Ka-, Ku-band and UHF. Subscription services utilize contractor-determined waveforms and are billed on a per-use basis (e.g., dollars per minute, dollars per megabyte, dollars per month).

Subscription service rates include the network management, monitoring, engineering, integration and operations required to deliver the services. Subscription services may include equipment, as well as leasing dedicated channels using the service provider’s waveform and technology, with guaranteed capacity and quality of service (QoS); and on-demand/occasional use solutions.

The COMSATCOM subscription services include but are not limited to satellite-based internet, voice, data and video services; emergency response/disaster recovery voice and data networks; worldwide digital transmission to connect mobile terminals to terrestrial networks; connectivity to the internet via satellite, whereby satellite communication service is delivered through portable satellite IP modems; and other pre-existing, pre-engineered fixed satellite services, mobile satellite services or hybrid fixed satellite services /mobile satellite services solutions.


FirstNet® has teamed with Inmarsat Government, the leading provider of resilient, flexible satellite communications (SATCOM) services to the U.S. government, to deliver reliable, highly secure, cost-effective SATCOM solutions to FirstNet customers.

Inmarsat Government is proud to be part of the core team in support of FirstNet, providing resilient, highly secure satellite-enabled communications supporting our country’s first responders as part of this nationwide, broadband network. As a leading provider of reliable telecommunications to the U.S. government, we bring an exclusive portfolio of satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions and value-added services in support of FirstNet. Equipped with global high-throughput satellites and associated ground infrastructure, we offer highly reliable, easy-to-use SATCOM solutions from mobile satellite phones to wideband deployable services to support the urgent communications needs of the FirstNet community.

To learn more, visit our Satellite Solutions for FirstNet website.

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We constantly strive to identify and join forces with Small Disadvantaged, Women-Owned, HUBZone, Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses with experience providing terrestrial and satellite communications, as well as other innovative telecommunication solutions and professional services. By connecting our diverse experiences and strengths, we effectively innovate our products and services, strengthen our supply chain and deliver better solutions to our customers.