Reliable, easy to use connectivity that travels with users worldwide

L-band services

Our comprehensive narrowband services provide simultaneous voice and data, globally. They include Standard IP for office applications and guaranteed, on-demand Streaming IP rates for mission-critical operational needs.

Through Inmarsat ELERA unique global, mobile, highly-reliable L-band network, Inmarsat Government delivers services that are relevant to government requirements and are designed for every aspect of military and civilian users on the move’s missions – from M2M to data and video distribution for highly mobile platforms to high throughput special services. Inmarsat’s resilient ELERA networks continue to support the evolving mobile communication requirements of our customers. Users demanding higher throughputs now benefit from multi-megabit data rates in L-band to low-profile, small form-factor terminals to meet high-demand Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and Process, Exploitation, Dissemination (PED) needs.

Inmarsat’s SATCOM as a Service business model allows for rapid delivery of proven technology that covers satellites, ground infrastructure and terminals. This on-going innovation provides a fast, cost-effective solution to U.S. government’s critical need for resilience, speed and agility to ensure mission success today and in the future.

Inmarsat-6 – the world’s largest and most sophisticated commercial communications satellites

What does cutting-edge space technology, next-generation innovation and a dual ELERA and Global Xpress payload mean for our global mobility government customers?

The Inmarsat-6 (I-6) satellites are not only the most technologically advanced and largest commercial communications satellites ever launched, they are also Inmarsat’s first hybrid satellites, featuring both L-band (ELERA) and Ka-band (Global Xpress) communications payloads.

That means enhanced capabilities, coverage and capacity and a greater portfolio of innovative connectivity solutions for our customers. And because the I-6 satellites, like all Inmarsat ELERA and Global Xpress spacecraft, are backward-compatible with existing terminals, current and future customers can continue to benefit from new advances.

I-6 F1 – the first of two I-6 satellites – launched successfully from the JAXA Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on 22 December 2021 onboard its H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 45 (HIIA F45).


We are securing the future of our critical L-band safety services into the 2040s and beyond with the launch of three Inmarsat-8 (I-8) satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO) by 2026. The I-8s will provide additional capacity and resilience, alongside the I-6 satellites.

Inmarsat L-band users enjoy the following benefits:

Seamless worldwide mobility
Purpose-designed for mobility, Inmarsat ELERA provides continuous, consistent connectivity to on-the-move platforms, anywhere in the world – on land, at sea and in the air. Users may acquire it as a usage or lease model.
Reliable service
Inmarsat sets the gold standard for safety services, and quality of service is fundamental to our business. We offer 99.9% network reliability and all-weather availability (L-band satellite and ground network availability meeting the GMDSS standards), and underpin them with a global, fully redundant ground infrastructure. And with Inmarsat ELERA and Global Xpress in a hybrid format, users benefit from even greater resilience and frequency diversity.
Simplified user experience
Users experience unparalleled coverage, performance and data rates on small platforms within the wide variety of often challenging environments in which they operate, including heavy rains and low altitudes. Thus, we bring optimal size, weight and power (SWaP), while maximizing the mission payload.
Easy-to-use terminals
Inmarsat ELERA is accessible through a range of compact, highly portable, easy to set up and operate Inmarsat type-approved terminals with performance options to suit specific users’ requirements.
Flexible acquisition model
Our comprehensive L-band services deliver simultaneous voice and data, globally. They include Standard IP for office applications and guaranteed, on-demand Streaming IP rates for more demanding uses. Inmarsat Assured Access supports users with a priority access and guaranteed connectivity to the Inmarsat ELERA global network for your BGAN, SwiftBroadband and FleetBroadband services.
Lower total cost of ownership
Inmarsat-owned and managed redundant systems – satellites, ground infrastructure – as well as type-approved terminals are always evolving. Without any capital investment on their part, users benefit from always-on access to rapid, reliable, worldwide satellite connectivity and managed services.
End-to-end solution
Inmarsat owns and operates its global mobile networks throughout the world, including robust space and ground as well as terminal segments, with our customers acquiring them quickly and cost-effectively, with high quality of service.

Explore Inmarsat L-band Services


Renowned ease of use for land expeditionary users



High data-rate streaming service via compact terminals



Enabling full situational awareness of your remote assets globally



Secure, global IP address over BGAN with private backhaul



Record-breaking data rates in L-band through micro-antennas



Ideal choice for government users that require high data rates to and from remote locations

ExploreLACE II


Government airborne ISR missions demanding higher throughputs now benefit from multi-megabit data rates in L-band to low-profile, small form-factor terminals



Dependable, clear voice service anywhere on the planet – no matter how remote



Reliable, life-saving satellite-enabled communications at sea and in the air