Delivering Portable, Assured Connectivity for Land Expeditionary Users

GX LITE terminal and Pelican carrying case

Enabling secure, flexible, high-throughput communications in both directions – wherever the mission takes you

Built with land expeditionary users’ requirements in mind, the Inmarsat GX LITE flat panel user terminal readily translates to any “grab and go” situation. It reliably serves Inmarsat’s Global Xpress, the world’s first and only globally available, high-throughput commercial wideband network, enabling secure, flexible, high-throughput communications worldwide.

While ruggedized – proven to operate in some of the world’s toughest environments – the GX LITE terminal is still lightweight (21.4 lbs.), flat (16.6” width, 11.5” length and 3.3” depth) and runs on batteries for up to seven hours, with low-power consumption for great flexibility. It is easily transportable with a carrying case that can fit into a commercial airline’s overhead compartment.

The GX LITE terminal’s user-friendly front panel interface, Wi-Fi capability as well as simple set-up, deployment and operation ensure ease-of-use for government users, enabling network connection anywhere in the global footprint with no user configuration.