High data-rate streaming service via compact terminals

This next generation L-band capability delivers high data streaming rates, reaching as high as 800kbps. It establishes enhanced real-time situation awareness in the field of operations, worldwide.

BGAN High Data Rate (HDR) adds to the world-class BGAN portfolio of streaming services, designed to achieve maximum performance for a single mobile terminal. BGAN HDR supports streaming rates via highly compact and easy-to-use terminals. It brings average speeds of 600-700 kbps including symmetric and asymmetric options. Users can double the streaming rates by bonding two terminals together, enabling connection speeds over 1 Mbps. Users can also switch BGAN HDR point-and-play, easy-to-use terminals to Standard IP, as well as voice and SMS, and services are integrated with all existing BGAN Packet-Switched services network monitoring and business intelligence tools. BGAN HDR is made available by the Inmarsat-4 worldwide, end-to-end L-band network, with 99.9 percent satellite and ground network availability.

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