Renowned all-weather global mobility for maritime users

Delivers resilient worldwide voice and narrowband data, at a moment’s notice. Choose from a range of capabilities and antenna sizes, designed for your operational needs.

Designed for mobility, FleetBroadband enables seamless, reliable, secure communication capability throughout any blue or brown waters at a moment’s notice. This speaks to Inmarsat’s heritage of at-sea communications and safety services, operating the most reliable commercial mobile satellite communication network with quality of service fundamental to its business. Through FleetBroadband, users take advantage of completely reliable “push button” end-to-end satellite service for voice, data and video communications. We engineer the most robust communication links, with average network availability exceeding 99.9% and consistent satellite performance that is unaffected by weather or geographical changes. FleetBroadband terminals are designed specifically for use within the marine environment and are rigorously tested to our exacting standards.

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