Robust BLOS mobile communication augmentation

Inmarsat’s award-winning L-TAC service offers global, satellite-based, beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications on the move (COTM) for UHF and VHF radio users.

Using standard tactical radios and field-proven kits from Spectra Group (UK) Limited (SlingShot®), L-TAC (L-band Tactical Satellite) enables users to operate secure voice and data circuits on their existing radios throughout any operating area without requiring additional user-provided terrestrial infrastructure.

The service is implemented using a single hop through the Inmarsat-4 satellite system via directly connected L-band uplinks and downlinks, giving users the same experience as Ultra High Frequency (UHF)/ Very High Frequency (VHF) communications, but through a cost-effective L-band satellite channel. The service supports military and civilian operations for several applications, including aviation, vehicle, maritime and manpack. Spectra Group recently introduced a lower-profile, vehicle-mount antenna supporting on-the-move L-TAC operations.

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