Delivering efficient terminal SWaP, the LACE II solution is an ideal choice for users that require high-rate data feeds to and from remote locations

The award-winning compact and rugged design of the LACE II (L-band Advanced Communications Element) user terminal supports on-demand services by providing multi-megabit “On the Pause” communications to small detached elements.

LACE II allows deployed teams to receive and return large quantities of video and sensor data while simultaneously maintaining the reliability, ease of use provided by Inmarsat ELERA seamless, global L-band space and ground network.

LACE II integrates the latest advancements in compact high-throughput L-band terminals, delivering efficient terminal Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). It is a high-gain, two-way user terminal that delivers all-weather broadband connectivity, anywhere and anytime.

Government-tested and in use today, LACE II is a lightweight, easy-to-use, rapid-pointing terminal the size of a laptop and weighs only 12.4 lbs. From the moment the transit case is opened, connectivity can be established in less than two minutes. Service reliably supports duplex data rates up to 3 Mbps.


  • Service reliably supports duplex data rates up to 3 Mbps
  • Rugged and durable IP66 rating
  • Transmit and receive large quantities of video and sensor data simultaneously
  • All-weather portability and resilience for highest link availability
  • Web GUI
  • Ethernet port (RJ45) x 2
  • Status indicator panel
  • Visual pointing assist function