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Satellite Solutions for FirstNet

FirstNet is dedicated to transforming the way first responders communicate. This includes not just a broadband LTE network, but also advanced satellite-based communication systems.

FirstNet has teamed with Inmarsat Government, which is now part of Viasat’s government business operating as Viasat Government Services, the leading provider of resilient, flexible satellite communications (SATCOM) services to the U.S. Government, to deliver reliable, highly secure, cost-effective SATCOM solutions to FirstNet customers. Viasat Government Services’ FirstNet website is a companion website to It is a go-to source for all SATCOM products and services that are available to FirstNet customers to purchase via FirstNet, with the convenience of a single bill for both LTE and satellite services.

Unlike traditional LTE/cellular services that use fixed towers or deployable units, SATCOM services use satellites to reach nearly any location on the planet. As such, satellite-based connectivity is unaffected by disasters/emergencies which can destroy local tower infrastructure and is accessible in the most remote or rural areas.

Through Viasat Government Services, FirstNet can offer satellite solutions ranging from satellite phones and transportable broadband solutions to full network recovery capabilities to meet a wide range of customer requirements and budgets.

Learn about the SATCOM services available through FirstNet:

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