Satellite Solutions for FirstNet

FirstNet offers a wide and expanding variety of satellite communications (“SATCOM”) services to meet the needs of public safety. Our services include:

  • Satellite Phones and Narrowband Personal Data Systems: whether it is for disaster recovery or operations in remote and rural areas, FirstNet can provide industry-leading options for satellite voice calling or narrowband (2 kbps) ultra-portable equipment and services.
  • Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN): BGAN is an ideal tool for providing mid-broadband (from 32kbps to up to 492kbps) voice, video and data communications in a small package that can be man-portable or mounted to a vehicle.
  • Vehicular Network Systems (VNS): VNS systems are an innovative way to combine LTE with SATCOM technology to provide vehicles maintain connectivity wherever they go. VNS integrates In-Vehicle Routers (IVR) with FirstNet LTE and SATCOM connectivity and can switch between the two as needed for seamless communications on the move or only when needed.
  • Coming soon: our Satellite Solutions portfolio is continually growing. In addition to our currently available solutions, see some of our planned additional options for the near future including fixed broadband services, maritime/aviation SATCOM solutions and more.

Satellite For Disaster Response