IWCE Expo 2019

Inmarsat Government’s Britt Lewis, Senior Vice President, Direct Sales and Business Development, will speak on the panel: “Disaster Operations: Keeping your Network Operational When Local Infrastructure Fails”

March 7 at 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Watching a disaster unfold on television triggers a range of emotions and is difficult to watch. But in-person the impact cannot be described.

As a first responder, you want to focus on the victims, without worrying about communicating with other sites, and send damage-related video and data to them. But communications amid such circumstances can be fleeting.

Usually we take cell phone coverage for granted. Yet, that is not so at a disaster, local infrastructure and mobile networks are often overloaded, damaged or non-existent. This is when satellite communications (SATCOM) become critical.

Come hear Britt discuss the value SATCOM delivers to first responders as well as:

  • Best practices to quickly and easily deploy these services during a crisis;
  • How to integrate SATCOM into your communications to ensure consistent, reliable voice and data connectivity when terrestrial networks are unavailable;
  • The tangible steps first responders can take now to prepare for their next deployment; and
  • Key insights and lessons learned from the recent natural disasters.

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