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Global Xpress Now in Service

The new standard in mobile satellite communications.

The Inmarsat-5 F1 satellite, the first of our new generation satellites, was launched in December 2013. Global Xpress entered into commercial service providing critical communication services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia in July 2014 and is already serving U.S. government customers. Global Xpress offers mobile, high-throughput capacity enterprise wideband connections with enhanced security. True worldwide reach is expected to be available by the end of the first half of 2015.

“The unique combination of global coverage and military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) interoperability makes Global Xpress an ideal complementary solution for government users,” said Peter Hadinger, President of Inmarsat’s U.S. Government Business Unit. “Alongside their MILSATCOM resources, government users now have the ability to extend efficiently wideband coverage, increase their capacity and enhance resiliency, without investing in additional satellites or new terminals.”


Service Options

Global Xpress is available through Government Subscription Service or Lease Service options.

Global Xpress Government Subscription Service

Global Xpress Government Subscription Service (GSS) is a managed service that offers wideband satellite access and consistent performance that is portable worldwide. GSS is a plug-and-play service that is customizable based on explicit mission requirements, such as specific uplink and downlink data rates for each terminal in the network. Satellite capacity can be steered to meet wideband requirements whenever and wherever needed.

Global Xpress Lease Service

Global Xpress Lease Service allows U.S. government customers to purchase satellite capacity on a power- and bandwidth-equivalent basis and manage their own independent network, thereby increasing operational flexibility when new, time-sensitive missions arise. The service is delivered on steerable beams operating in military Ka-band frequencies and can be terminated at the customer or an Inmarsat ground station. We can meet the most stringent security requirements using customer-specific technology and equipment that meets unique government requirements in secure enclaves hosted within Inmarsat’s Satellite Access Stations (SAS).


Seamless Worldwide Mobility

Wherever the next mission arises, Global Xpress has you covered with a network that’s owned and managed 24/7/365 solely by Inmarsat, the U.S. government’s number one provider of mobile satellite services. Purposely designed for mobility, Global Xpress will provide a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam, and then from one satellite to another.

Consistent Higher Performance

Because Global Xpress users are always near the peak of one of worldwide beams, Global Xpress delivers consistently higher performance– with a downlink up to 50Mbps and an uplink up to 5Mbps using a 60 cm terminal (higher throughput is available). And when there are surges in demand, Global Xpress can direct its spot beams to provide more local bandwidth than any other commercial satellite system. Global Xpress provides a high quality of service that is guaranteed to support the most critical government missions today and in the future.

Legendary Reliability

Inmarsat is the gold standard for safety services—we’ve been operating the most reliable commercial mobile satellite communication network for more than 30 years, and quality of service is fundamental to our business. Global Xpress offers unprecedented throughput for worldwide mobility supported by a global, fully redundant ground infrastructure for resilience. When Global Xpress is complemented in a hybrid offering by our L-band services on the Inmarsat-4s which deliver over 99.9% network availability, the combined capability offers a unique blend of high throughput as well as the industry’s highest all-weather availability. Inmarsat offers customers the only worldwide network that combines the best mobility technologies in Ka- and L-band to meet the most challenging mission requirements.


Global Xpress is a cost-effective approach to wideband. It provides high-performance Ka bandwidth to affordable compact terminals at a lower cost than existing VSAT service. And our ability to offer customized communication solutions often means additional cost savings for you as well.

Built with Government Users in Mind

Global Xpress is the only worldwide commercial satellite network that is fully interoperable with MILSATCOM Ka-band networks. Designed from the ground up with government users in mind, our worldwide service seamlessly complements the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) network and allows government users to supplement their capacity using existing WGS-certified terminals. Global Xpress provides the desired flexibility and cost-efficiency, allowing the U.S. government to augment its system when needed, without any up-front commitment.

Highest Security Standards

Global Xpress network infrastructure provides reliable assured access that is built to the highest security standards and supported by our dedicated cyber security team. The Global Xpress network baseline is designed to meet U.S. Mission Assurance Category (MAC) level III and correlating National Institute of Standards and Technology (NISTaccreditation standards, with secure gateways and satellite commanding. Further security enhancements up to MAC level I may be achieved through our value-added partners.

End-to-end solution

Global Xpress is built on Inmarsat’s trusted worldwide satellite and terrestrial infrastructure. Together with our valued partners, we ensure that you have the connectivity and capacity you need when and where you need it.


Wide Range of Compact Terminals

Global Xpress delivers wideband data rates through compact and affordable, commercially available terminals as well as the existing MILSATCOM terminals in your inventory. A broad selection of terminals is available from industry-leading manufacturers for expeditionary, aero and maritime environments in both, commercial and military form factors.


Global Xpress is the answer to the U.S. government’s mission-critical need for mobile and interoperable communications and the importance of access to secure, reliable wideband connectivity, wherever and whenever it is required.

From the defense and intelligence to homeland security, civilian and public safety organizations, Global Xpress enables advanced applications, such as:

  • Manned/unmanned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR)
  • Government maritime
  • Live full-motion video
  • Operational theatre backhaul
  • Tactical communications
  • Video teleconferencing
  • Command and Control (C2)
  • Situational awareness
  • Battlefield Information Systems
  • Broadband IP network interconnectivity
  • IP multicast
  • Disaster recovery
  • Emergency response

Recommended services

  • Customer Support

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