Who We Are

Welcome to the Front Line in Mission-Critical Communications

The future is not simply about technology. It’s about working hard to find the smartest new ways to keep you connected—reliably, securely and affordably—on land, at sea and in the air. And Inmarsat Government is leading the way.

The “Big Picture” Approach

Inmarsat Government’s unique single-source, end-to-end approach puts the industry’s most experienced engineers and project managers to work for you. They weave together our terrestrial infrastructure, satellite resources, technology platforms, and true one-stop customer service to custom-design a network for your mission. One that can integrate seamlessly with the system you have now. This “big-picture” approach enhances security, improves reliability and lowers costs.

Dedicated to Serve the U.S. Government

Inmarsat Government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inmarsat plc, founded in 1979, one of the earliest and most successful satellite communication companies. In January, 2012, Inmarsat’s U.S. government functions were combined with Stratos Government Services, Inc. under the Segovia, Inc. entity and were rebranded as Inmarsat Government.

In order to effectively address the U.S. government requirements, we have further reorganized Inmarsat Government, a cleared organization operating under a Proxy Agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense, to manage and grow Inmarsat’s retail U.S. government business. A trusted partner of the U.S. government, we deliver a broad portfolio of integrated global, seamless, broadband mission-critical communication solutions and managed network services.

For Today—and Tomorrow

Inmarsat Government is the market leader in providing true single-source, end-to-end mission-critical communication services throughout the entire life cycle. Our hands-on approach helps us provide you with exactly the bandwidth, coverage and level of security you need—now and for years to come.

Inmarsat Government is headquartered in Reston, VA, with resources on the ground—and in the sky—around the globe.

Recommended services

  • Executive Leadership

    The composition of the executives and their various committees is regularly reviewed and evaluated to maintain a balance of skills, knowledge and experience. Executive membership and tenure are considered together and weighed for relevance to the achievement of our business plans.
  • News and Events

    The field of mission-critical government communications is exciting and dynamic. Learn more about what’s going on in our industry—and the role Inmarsat Government is playing in it.
  • Solutions by Environment

    Land, maritime, aerospace—each environment brings a unique set of demands and challenges. We build solutions take into account not just what your mission requires you to do, but where you may need to do it.