Multi-band Solutions

Rapidly deployable, scalable solutions with enhanced resilience

From hub-and-spoke to mesh topologies, Inmarsat Government has an unrivaled heritage of deploying IP-based SATCOM that encompasses full-scale satellite networks and redundant ground systems, optimized for government customers.

It is not just the components that distinguish Inmarsat Government multi-band managed solutions. It is the way we custom-design the network for your unique needs. We then manage it completely from end-to-end, assuring security, availability and reliability. Facilitated through a network of private teleports and regional network centers, we offer full-spectrum L, Ka, Ku, C and X-band services, with redundant terrestrial connectivity to Inmarsat Government’s private multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) backbone, enabling private and secure reach back to service-specific processing centers and delivery nodes.

Our multi-band solution approach is satellite-agnostic and multi-layered, meaning we create hybrid networks that employ whatever bands needed to offer custom-built, resilient, diverse and seamless communications to meet mission requirements in any environment. Enabled by an auto-failover mechanism with pre-defined switching, our true multi-band solutions incorporate the technology you use now; enable transition between bands, such as Ka to L-band, Ku to L-band; and switch between commercial Ka and military Ka-band for a greater resilience and frequency diversity.

Inmarsat Government’s full-lifecycle management includes requirements, architecture, testing, configuration, quality control and 24/7/365 U.S.-based network and technical support. All services are designed with a risk-management framework in mind. These solutions are made available via tactical and strategic SATCOM terminals and self-contained ruggedized units that facilitate mission-critical reach-back, whether fixed or transportable and feature-fixed, and self-pointing antenna technology which is 100% independent of local terrestrial, cellular and electrical infrastructure.