Low-profile BGAN

Unmanned concealed terminal with global coverage

Remote-controlled narrowband service with a lie-flat antenna that delivers high-speed IP communications for covert and discreet operations. It extends the reach of surveillance networks into areas where manned observation posts would be impractical.

The unique, rapidly deployable lie-flat antenna and robust remotely operated BGAN terminal supply the high-speed IP communications needed to make electronic surveillance and intelligence a powerful force multiplier in covert or discreet operations. The antenna is built around a solid state, multi-phased array that provides a 30 to 60-degree view angle when laid flat. The lie-flat capability is generated by the use of an advanced, solid-state, phased-array antenna, differentiating Low-profile BGAN from all other terminals. Low-profile BGAN’s remote operation and advanced power management reflect the design principles of maximizing cost and operational effectiveness while minimizing the exposure of personnel to risk.

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