Global Management System

Web-based managed network intelligence for full situational awareness and improved responsiveness

Our Global Management System keeps your finger on the pulse of your network, from monitoring of utilization and availability, to managing assets, to observing trends in real time.

Inmarsat Government understands the challenges that come with managing mobile and fixed satellite assets. We know customers can easily feel inundated simply by the size and scale of data or by administration, security mandates and Information Assurance controls that require real-time visibility into a network or asset’s health and performance. That is why we have developed an easy way to give customers quick access to the actionable data and information they need.

Our web-based Global Management System (GMS) benefits users through full situational awareness of network performance. From supporting operations and configuration management, to asset tracking and usage reporting, GMS lends true transparency into Inmarsat Government managed services. It also collects, organizes and delivers data in an easily accessible format for users to gain real-time visibility into capacity, availability and utilization. GMS has an intuitive user interface, dashboard, custom reports and secure accessibility for multiple users. It features a tiered approach for displaying data, with easy-to-read graphs and charts for summarized data, flexible report capabilities, helpful resources and a standard set of features and functions to give users visibility into different aspects of their network or airtime usage.