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Inmarsat Government Introduces G-MODMAN II and G-MODMAN OP Solutions for Aviation

December 08, 2021 Press Releases

Smart Ecosystem Solution Enables Seamless Implementation of Global Xpress Terminals on U.S. Government Aviation Platforms


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Inmarsat Government, the leading provider of secure, global, mission-critical telecommunications to the U.S. government, today unveiled the G-MODMAN II modem manager and G-MODMAN Open Platform (OP) solutions. These are expanded, smart ecosystem solutions, built on the proven G-MODMAN modem manager technology, that will support the implementation of Global Xpress (GX) terminals on government aviation platforms, starting in 2022.

Inmarsat GX is the first and only end-to-end high-throughput Ka-band network from a single operator that provides worldwide service. In U.S. government operation since July 2014, GX complements military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) and delivers seamless, consistent wideband access that meets mobile, interoperable communications needs at an affordable price.

G-MODMAN II is a flexible, easy-to-use solution that seamlessly integrates with existing antenna systems and provides the enabling technology to support the implementation of the current and future generation of GX services and aero terminals across multiple aviation platforms. This solution builds on Inmarsat’s robust monitoring system and includes high-fidelity monitoring and logging features, allowing easy access to mission-critical data, and enabling highly detailed performance and trend analysis that leverages advanced ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques.

An option to G-MODMAN II is the G-MODMAN OP, which further expands upon the interoperable functionality by allowing for the seamless switching between GX, Inmarsat’s steerable beams and the government’s Wideband Global SATCOM system (WGS) to provide Inmarsat Government’s customers with always-on availability, capacity, coverage and capability for mission operations. This is a turn-key solution that integrates multiple modems/services with a single antenna by using loadable coverage map files and an easy-to-use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage the various services.

Both configurations leverage open standards, such as OpenAMIP and OpenBMIP, enabling interoperability with a multitude of terminals from various manufacturers.

The G-MODMAN II solution will be available in 1 Rack Unit (RU) and ARINC 404A ½ Air Transport Rack (ATR) form factors, G-MODMAN OP will be available in 19” 1 RU rack mount and ARINC-404A form factors, supporting a wide range of modems and services for government aviation missions – both crewed and uncrewed. Users will have also access to an Inmarsat’s support structure that enables fast integration, easy configuration and detailed monitoring and control.

Matt Wissler, Chief Technology Officer at Inmarsat Government said: “Many of our customers’ mission requirements drive the need for diverse SATCOM services spanning both commercial and military or government networks. Inmarsat Government recognizes the critical role of satellite communications in U.S. government aviation missions and takes pride in rapidly building solutions tailored to users’ unique requirements. The G-MODMAN II and G-MODMAN OP solutions are testament to the company’s dedication to solving customers’ problems, maximizing and extending the capabilities that our customers have come to expect and trust from Inmarsat Government.”

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