Inmarsat Partner Podcast with GetSAT

June 20, 2019 Blog

At the SATELLITE 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. we sat down with Kfir Benjamin, Chief Executive Officer at GetSAT, an innovator in lightweight satellite communication terminals for ground, airborne and maritime applications, to discuss its successful partnership with Inmarsat  and other industry issues. Most recently, the two organizations announced that Inmarsat has type approved GetSAT’s MilliSAT-H-GX and MilliSAT-W-GX for use on its Global Xpress service. These new terminals are the lightest and most compact all in one on-the-move solutions serving the Global Xpress network. Inmarsat constantly strives to identify and join forces with value add terminal manufacturers like GetSAT to leverage the best technology that commercial industry has to offer and develop innovative hardware solutions built to government users’ requirements.

During this video podcast, Mr. Benjamin discussed the strong relationship between the two organizations and how Inmarsat is able to deliver users true worldwide coverage. He notes that Global Xpress is the only network that can support government customers’ global, mobile requirements – “you can start in Boston and fly to Afghanistan and have seamless coverage.” Key to this relationship is the focus that Inmarsat places on their type approved terminal solutions process. Mr. Benjamin explains that while worldwide coverage is one thing, the type approval process is an extremely important part of making sure that customers receive terminals that have been tested and approved. This means that when they are in the field they can be confident it works, and works at the push of a button. For GetSAT, the type approval process ensures that their supply chain and quality assurance is in place and what is being delivered to their customers not only meets but goes beyond expectations. Also in this video podcast Mr. Benjamin touches on why he feels Inmarsat is a good partner – “Inmarsat is here to make its partners successful and the combination of their people and expertise is a winning combination.”

To hear the full discussion and learn more about Inmarsat’s partnership with GetSAT watch the full podcast below. Satellite terminals form part of the high-performance and all-time assured quality provided by Inmarsat services. Inmarsat works closely with its industry-leading value-add manufacturers, like GetSAT, to deliver best-in-class, Inmarsat type-approved terminal solutions built to users’ requirements. To guarantee this experience, Inmarsat requires all of its terminal manufacturers to complete a rigorous design and acceptance test process to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance of its systems.


What are some of the benefits your Inmarsat type-approved terminal solutions bring to government customers?
What Inmarsat brought to the table is true worldwide coverage, and that solves 90% of the problems. It’s the only network that provides that. You can start off in Boston and fly all the way to Afghanistan and have working communication. Worldwide coverage is one thing, but then you’ve got to tie two terminals and the equipment itself. They were able to create a package, and that package includes worldwide coverage and terminals to operate on that, and a type approval process. They nailed it. The type approval process is an extremely important part of making sure a customer, whether it’s a government customer, regular, or a commercial customer, ensures that what they get actually works. Specifically to Inmarsat, they’ve mastered the type approval process. In other words, they make sure that the vendors get the complete set of information and what needs to be done in order for this terminal or product to work on that network properly. From a government perspective, from a government customer perspective, they know they get something that has been tested and they can just go to the field and it will work. You know, I served in the military. Sometimes you don’t have time. You want to make sure that you come to the field and you deploy in minutes. And what Inmarsat has done is exactly that. The type approval process brings you to that point that with a flip of a button, everything works. That type approval process makes sure that our supply chain, our Quality Assurance, is in place in order to make sure that what’s being delivered to the government customer at the end is top-notch.

What makes this partnership with Inmarsat successful?
They are very success-oriented. They’re not here to make you fail. They’re here to make you successful. Therefore, every time you have some kind of an issue, they come by and help you. On the other end, as the vendor, we put in a whole dedicated team, anywhere from a POC to manage the whole thing to technical expertise. So again, it’s people. So when you combine people and expertise, you get a winning combination.

Can you share an example of one of your proudest deployments/contracts using Inmarsat service?
Being a provider of the smallest terminals in the market on the Inmarsat network, we had some Special Forces jump off an airplane with our equipment on the belly right here. And they, within five minutes of landing on the ground, they were deployed. And that was somewhere in an important area of conflicts. And when we got the call to know that everything is good, that was a pretty good moment of pride.

Any wishes you would like to share on Inmarsats’s 40-year anniversary?
You’re doing great. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep being innovative, keep being good people, and keep trusting your partners and pushing them forward.