Inmarsat Partner Podcast with Rugged Logic

July 11, 2019 Blog

At the SATELLITE 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. we sat down with Andrew Yoder, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer at Rugged Logic, specializing in the design and manufacturing of communication, power and sensor systems for remote use in environmentally harsh conditions, to discuss its successful partnership with Inmarsat in the U.S. government market and other industry issues. We are pleased to have this relationship in place with Rugged Logic as we constantly strive to identify and join forces with value-add terminal manufacturers to leverage the best technology that commercial industry has to offer and develop innovative hardware solutions built to government users’ requirements.

Mr. Yoder sat down with us to share a few thoughts on why the partnership with Inmarsat is so strong and how it benefits government customers. “We have a high level of trust in Inmarsat as they allow us to do what we are good at (terminals). They are always trying to innovate to ensure that our users get the best possible service to meet their needs in any type of environment – working together we complement each other.” Also in this video podcast discussion you will gain an understanding of the importance Rugged Logic and Inmarsat put on the type approval process. Every terminal is tested at a third-party facility to make sure they meet all aircraft requirements from vibration profiles to temperature ranges. In addition, Mr. Yoder discusses their ongoing supply chain evaluations and testing to make sure every terminal that goes out the door is reliable. Importantly, he points out that Inmarsat has done a fantastic job of creating a suite of services where users do not have to worry about setup or maintenance of the link, and that this automation is key to allowing customers to focus on their mission.

To learn more about Inmarsat Government’s partnership with Rugged Logic watch the full podcast below. Satellite terminals form part of the high-performance and all-time assured quality provided by Inmarsat services. Inmarsat works closely with its industry-leading value-add manufacturers, like Rugged Logic, to deliver best-in-class, Inmarsat type-approved terminal solutions built to users’ requirements. To guarantee this experience, Inmarsat requires all of its terminal manufacturers to complete a rigorous design and acceptance test process to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance of its systems.