New White Paper: How Inmarsat L-TAC Enables Highly Globally Mobile BLOS Connectivity – No Matter Where the Mission Goes

April 11, 2023 Blog

L-TAC global radio connectivity

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Military users know that they need to go where the mission takes them. And, when they get there, they expect that robust, seamless satellite communications (SATCOM) will follow them anyplace on the globe.

Thanks to Inmarsat’s award-winning L-band Tactical Satellite (L-TAC) service, they proceed with their duties with full confidence that they will always have access to superior, secured satellite throughput to support highly mobile, data-intensive missions.

In our latest white paper, Inmarsat Government President Steve Gizinski provides a comprehensive overview of our L-TAC service’s capabilities, features and operational details. Powered by Inmarsat’s ELERA L-band global satellite service, L-TAC enables global, satellite-based beyond-line-of-site (BLOS) communications on the move (COTM) voice and data connectivity for military Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and civilian Very High Frequency (VHF) Push-to-Talk (PTT) users. L-TAC accomplishes this without requiring additional user-provided terrestrial infrastructure.

In the white paper, readers will discover:

  • How L-TAC service is provided – either as an embedded solution in L3Harris AN/PRC-163 handheld and AN/PRC-167 manpack radios, as well as Thales AN/PRC 148E Spear handheld radios, or as an adapted solution via a small Spectra Group Slingshot appliance that is attached to a UHF radio.
  • How security features mitigate threats and reduce the visibility of adversaries.
  • How L-TAC delivers service on-demand when and where users need it, with rapid and responsive service activation.
  • How each Inmarsat-4 satellite can support hundreds of L-TAC channels across different beams.
  • How the L-TAC service expands with the addition of the Inmarsat-6 satellites.

With optimal flexibility, capabilities, security and global mobility, L-TAC distinguishes itself as an ideal service for operations and missions in both benign and contested environments.

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