Inmarsat Partner Podcast with Edward Joannides – General Manager, Intellian Technologies

February 04, 2020 Blog

At the recent SIA DoD Commercial SATCOM Workshop in Arlington, Virginia, we sat down with Edward Joannides, General Manager at Intellian Technologies, to discuss how his company has partnered with Inmarsat for the past decade to deliver the three “R’s” the government is looking for – reliability, redundancy and resiliency.

Intellian is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna systems and is the industry’s largest very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antenna manufacturer. Much like Inmarsat, the company has deep roots in the maritime industry, and through this partnership they deliver unmatched solutions to meet this domain unique requirements. Mr. Joannides notes that Intellian’s FleetBroadband products are some of the simplest and smallest communications products in the marine industry today, offering worldwide coverage using Inmarsat’s dependable FleetBroadband network. Furthermore, he shares how Intellian’s full line of Global Xpress-ready products offer users simple, intuitive, graphically-based antenna remote control software that includes features such as remote management, control from anywhere in the world and one touch commissioning.

Mr. Joannides notes that end users operate across multiple frequencies and want multiple satellite constellation access. He further shares that this is very unique to what both companies offer and how it sets them apart in the industry. “Multi-band is a mirror image of what Inmarsat delivers today with L-band and Ka-band. Inmarsat knows how to leverage this, and the multi-band attributes of our products have proven to be very successful.”

Inmarsat services are made available globally to the U.S. government via best-in-class partners. Inmarsat type-approved satellite terminal solutions made by our trusted value-added manufacturer partners, like Intellian, form part of the high performance and all-time assured quality provided by Inmarsat services. By combining the expertise of our industry partners, who have been at the forefront of satellite communications-related technology and innovation for several decades, as well as input from our U.S. government customers, we continue to rapidly develop next-generation commercial capabilities built for users in all domains.

To learn more about Inmarsat’s partnership with Intellian watch the full video podcast:


What does your company do?
Intellian is the world’s largest VSAT antennas manufacturer for maritime. We building antennas across various vertical markets, particularly in the maritime industry, we serve them with multiple frequencies like Ku, Ka, L-band, and C-band. We are the number one ranking operator in terms of manufacturing VSAT antennas, we’ve been partnered with Inmarsat for about 10 years.

How did your company begin partnering with Inmarsat?
Given our leadership in the maritime domain, where Inmarsat started and remains a leader, there’s a perfect symmetry in our partnership. Maritime markets are vital to us, and though we’re expanding to other verticals, maritime remains the core of our business.

What makes your partnership with Inmarsat successful?
Typically, we work closely with satellite operators, and our business model is B2B, sell our products to end-users so we sell our products through partners such as anymore side government for example so it’s a it’s a good combination because they add their value in terms of the network the value add on the network side whereas we add our value on the product side and then the  combination is then sold to the end-user.

How is your company working with Inmarsat to serve the U.S. government?
We’re aggressively growing our presence in the government sector. We’re focusing on increasing the performance of the service overall so for example we are adding higher power bucks on the  systems on the GX 60 centimeter and the GX 100 centimeter antennas we put 10 watt bucks on those systems I’ve been type approved by Inmarsat. We’ve also recently launched a 1.5 meter  antenna again that’s very new iInmarsat that typically wasn’t really did you know focusing on that size aperture it’s it’s much larger than really what it’s necessarily needed but it does deliver  enhanced performance especially edge of beam or in bad weather for example so there are specific markets energy markets for example or government markets that need the higher performance and those are new products we’re delivering now and going forward in 2020.

What are some of the unique capabilities that your products offer?

We realize the end user wants multiple satellite constellation access so we’re delivering products that access LEO, GEO, MEO satellites and also multiple frequencies. So in one system, you can access all those networks whether they’re multiple frequencies or multiple orbits. That’s very unique to also what we deliver.

I think multiband is kind of a mirror image of what Inmarsat delivers today with L-band and Ka-band and Inmarsat knows how to leverage that and the multiband unique attributes of our products are very successful. We have kind of advanced techniques in terms of reliability and in quality testing that we use with high court with very unique tools that we have at the factory – vibration, shock, humidity, you name it. So we pass very stringent military standards and we usually apply those same stands for our commercial products as well. And that’s kind of goes hand-in-hand with the maritime industry. It’s very demanding. You know, a ship sails in any weather, any time. They have no choice, so the systems have to operate at all times and they have to be extremely reliable. The three Rs that the government is looking for – reliability, redundancy, and resilience – those three Rs are critical to operations and not just in the military arena but also in the commercial arena. And that’s how I kind of think where we stand out.

Can you describe Inmarsat’s type approval process and what it means for end users?
Type Approval is something that we’re very familiar with. As I mentioned earlier, we work closely with the satellite operators, not just anymore. Inmarsat, but any more. Inmarsat being the largest from maritime. We’re very closely within Inmarsat. We have a lot of experience in how Type Approval is basically achieved and that process enables the satellite terminals to operate efficiently on the network without disrupting other satellites or also enabling the highest performance possible on the satellite terminal itself to deliver the end-to-end solution the customers are looking for.