WashingtonExec Top Space Execs to Watch

June 23, 2021 News

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, was named to WashingtonExec’s “Top Space Execs to Watch in 2021” list. This list recognizes the directors, managers, leaders and C-suite executives in industry and government who are helping to advance the U.S. Space Mission.

Cowen-Hirsch was recognized for her work alongside the Inmarsat Government team to ensure that the company’s U.S. government customers had unwavering access and seamless connectivity to the critical satellite communications capabilities required to support their missions.

“We will always be there for the service members who are looking to stay connected to their families while far from home, and then rely upon our satellites to perform their mission duties,” Cowen-Hirsch said. “We will continue to maintain and grow our relationship with the U.S. government so that our partnership is constantly strengthening. We work on this as if lives are dependent upon it — because they are.”

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