Always on the scene

July 29, 2019 News

In a new white paper, Inmarsat Government discusses how the company’s satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions ensure reliable, critical communications in times of disasters.

As the official provider of Satellite Solutions for FirstNet, Inmarsat Government is always there to provide the “First In/Last Out” proven SATCOM capabilities that responders depend upon. Solutions available range from individual-use satellite phones to portable or vehicle-mounted solutions across all FirstNet states and territories, including rural areas. Inmarsat’s narrowband and wideband SATCOM solutions have proven themselves – over and over again – as irreplaceable in delivering unique capabilities anywhere in the world.

“Through our SATCOM solutions, users acquire instant voice, data and video services in critically-hit areas – regions where traditional terrestrial and cellular networks sustain damage or get overloaded – using equipment that is often as simple and easy to use as cell phones, and small and light enough to store in a backpack,” Inmarsat Government wrote.

Download the full whitepaper