A path to an integrated DoD satellite architecture via commercial SATCOM-as-a-Service

February 18, 2020 News

In a recent article for Via Satellite, Inmarsat Government’s Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch reflects on her time on the “Combined Senior Government and Industry Leaders” panel at the Satellite Industry Association’s 2019 DoD Commercial SATCOM Workshop.

Cowen-Hirsch highlights Inmarsat’s path forward to providing resilient, global satellite communication (SATCOM) capabilities in order to aid a more integrated SATCOM architecture within military and government as well as trusted commercial capabilities. She also discusses SATCOM as a Service as the “the emergent acquisition model” for the modern age that becomes the imperative in today’s dynamic operational environment.

“SATCOM as a Service enables servicemen and women access to mission-critical, reliable SATCOM connectivity, anytime, anywhere,” wrote Cowen-Hirsch. “Designed for global mobility, SATCOM as a Service provides a critical end-to-end communications infrastructure that is owned and managed by trusted commercial operators and includes both the space and ground segments, as well as type-approved terminals which deliver globally-available, secure and seamless connectivity.”

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