How SATCOM is bringing essential capabilities to first responders

July 09, 2019 News

In a contributed article for Disaster Recovery Journal, Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President of Direct Sales and Business Development, Britt Lewis, discusses how the company’s satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions are a critical part of the FirstNet communications portfolio, helping to deliver the capabilities that “First In/Last Out” responders depend upon in hard-hit disaster areas.

Lewis focuses on Inmarsat Government’s role as a part of the core team AT&T selected to help deliver the FirstNet communication ecosystem, bringing resilient, highly secure SATCOM capabilities for our country’s first responders. Additionally, he highlights how SATCOM has proven to be there when commercial infrastructure and mobile phone networks may be overloaded, damaged or non-existent.

“It helps ensure a “First In/Last Out” presence delivering immediate access that is easy-to-install and operate, with ‘anytime/anywhere’ connectivity – until the mission is completed.” Lewis wrote. “Via FirstNet, SATCOM allows them to meet their immediate, key objectives through capabilities that help ensure connectivity no matter where they are, or what circumstances they face.”

Read the full article in the Disaster Recovery Journal.