An integrated SATCOM architecture

March 17, 2020 News

In a recent MilsatMagazine contributed article, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch reflects on the positive actions that will redefine how the U.S. government acquires satellite communications (SATCOM) and emphasizes how these steps progress towards the goal of developing an integrated SATCOM architecture.

Cowen-Hirsch explains how implementing a “commercial first” strategy ensures consistent, robust innovation and technology upgrades. Additionally, she explains how leveraging the SATCOM as a Service model enables the desired flexibility, resiliency, security and cost-efficiency governments require.

“Given the leadership in place, the demand signals from operations and advanced capabilities from commercial operationally available and planned, there is much to anticipate as we look to the future,” wrote Cowen-Hirsch, “While much remains to accomplish though with the continued collaboration and partnership with the COMSATCOM industry, we will continue to progress toward an integrated SATCOM architecture of the future.”

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