L-TAC: Global access for tactical radio users

October 15, 2019 News

Inmarsat Government has published a new white paper by Chief Technology Officer Steve Gizinski on the company’s L-band Tactical Satellite (L-TAC) service.

Inmarsat’s L-TAC provides global, satellite-based, beyond-line-of-site (BLOS) communications on the move for military Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and civilian Very High Frequency (VHF) Push-to-Talk users.

In the paper, Gizinski explains how L-TAC enables users to operate tactical voice and data circuits between small terminals (tactical radios) across a defined operating area. Service is implemented using a single hop through an Inmarsat-4 satellite via directly connected L-band uplinks and downlinks, providing users with the same experience as if operating on UHF or VHF SATCOM. Using standard tactical radios and field-proven kits from Spectra Group –called SlingShot– rapid deployment and activation of user networks are enabled.

Ideal solution

“The L-TAC system has recently been modified to allow much more rapid deployment and activation. This factor, combined with the focused coverage associated with Inmarsat narrow spot beams, makes L-TAC an ideal solution for Low Probability of Detection and Low Probability of Interception (LPD/LPI) operations,” Gizinski writes.

The L-TAC service is currently in active operations for several nations’ armed forces, and a civilian variant is available for police, fire and medical support services, emergency services, aid agencies, embassy communications and other civilian agency use.

To learn more about Inmarsat’s L-TAC solution, download the full white paper.