In Perfect Harmony: A Look Ahead at a “SATCOM Enterprise” for 2020 – and Beyond

January 22, 2020 News

In Via Satellite’s February issue, Inmarsat Government’s Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch reflects on the process made in 2019 and looks ahead to 2020 as the Department of Defense and commercial satellite communications (SATCOM) providers move towards a fully-integrated, unified SATCOM architecture.

Rebecca expresses Inmarsat’s belief that the industry SATCOM as a Service delivery model represents the critical path toward a fully unified integration. Interoperable with MILSAT resources, SATCOM as a Service presents a resilient, flexible and scalable alternative for the U.S government and seamlessly complements MILSATCOM across all capabilities.

“SATCOM as a Service – and all that it makes possible – exists today…” Rebecca writes, “It is a model that paves a clear path to achieving the SATCOM Enterprise Vision by providing globally-accessible, reliable integrated SATCOM (commercial right alongside military SATCOM) that supports military users whenever and wherever required.”

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