Why Ka-band has emerged as the best path forward for AISR

September 06, 2019 News

In a new white paper, Inmarsat Government’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Gizinski, discusses why Ka-band has emerged as the preferred path forward for Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions and how Global Xpress supports these activities.

In the paper, Gizinski explains how Global Xpress provides uniform worldwide coverage with seamless, flexible bandwidth that is ideal for complex AISR missions with high data rate requirements. He also discusses how users benefit from Inmarsat’s SATCOM as a Service business model for rapid delivery and the company’s ongoing innovation to deliver fast, cost-effective communications solutions that meet the U.S. Government’s critical need for resilience, speed and agility without additional infrastructure investment from end users.

For the AISR community, Global Xpress enables an efficient platform installation using low-size, weight and power (SWaP) user terminals that provide access to commercial and military Ka-band services worldwide.

“The high performance, high security and global availability of Global Xpress are of utmost importance,” Gizinski wrote. “The ability of AISR users to have global coverage, while having their demand drive resource allocation “on-the-fly” significantly reduces total cost of ownership while offering a premium service.”

Download the full white paper